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What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep root fertilizing Is a common process in the arboriculture world used to deliver essential nutrients to trees and shrubs.   The fertilizer that we use at is designed specifically for "woody plants" in our servicing zones (see- plant hardiness zones 4,5 and 6).  This product ensures that the plants receive the necessary nutrients and minerals to carry out their daily and annual processes  (like photosynthesis and growth).  

When deep root feeding a tree, the average depth we like to achieve is ten inches (10") .  The purpose for this depth is to encourage the trees fibrous root growth at a soil level protected from overheating and dehydration.  This allows the trees roots to feed on and absorb nutrients efficiently with less stress and effort.  

Another benefit to feeding with a deep root feeding gun is soil decompression.  One of the leading causes of stress in urban trees is soil compaction.  This is caused by high traffic, poor water retention and low amounts of organic material in the soil.  When the feed gun is inserted into the soil and the trigger is pulled ,the feed gun powered by a pump, delivers the nutrients at a psi(pounds per square inch)  between 150 and 200.  The liquid (water) used to deliver the TreeFeed loosens the soil and allows tree roots the ability to move.  Without the ability to move through the soil trees cannot feed, grow or improve their health status.  These trees can also make use of the water as it is directly available to them.


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