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RESIDENTIAL FEEDS Steps- Easy as 1,2,3!

Get an online quoteStep 1 - Choose Plants to Feed

Decide which plants you wish to deep root fertilize.
(Our feed  is formulated to suit woody plants -Definition: Woody plants, by definition,
are plants that have hard stems (thus the term, "woody") and that have buds that survive above ground in winter)

ie:  birch, maple, weeping willow and dwarf spruce, 50 ft hedge


Step 2 - Estimate Size of Plants
(be conservative, don't over estimate)

Categorize by size measured by canopy coverage.
(Definition-Canopy- branches and foliage above ground.)

Large Tree- canopy of larger than 15 feet diameter
Small Tree- canopy of 5 ft - 15 ft diameter
Shrub -  0 ft - 5ft diameter
Hedge- priced per estimated foot (recommend pace out and divide by 3)

Use largest tree or first 50 ft of hedge as your initial tree ($49.99)


Step 3 - Create Estimate
(Remember if tree size barrier is close quote the lower price, don't over quote yourself)

If you're happy with it, approve the estimate and a technician will be sent to service your property.
!!! If you have "underground irrigation" please be sure to mark lines as best as possible and mention that they are there in the comment section of your service request.


Maple- large tree (30 ft)
We are offering entire property Feeds with a maximum price of  $300.00+tax on residential properties in urban areas.

"If your property quote is over $300.00+tax  and your property is 0.5 acres (150ftX 150ft) or less please select feed all woody plants on property."

If you have any questions please email them to us or call 1-866-954-8733

All invoices are emailed.

birch -small tree. (canopy 9 ft)
Weeping willow-shrub size (4 ft)
Dwarf spruce-shrub size ( 3 ft)
Cedar hedge  (30 ft).


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Created by ISA Certified Arborists



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